Modern attic kids space ideas

For a child, his room can be anything from a forest to a doctor’s office, so a children’s room must encourage imagination and creativity. Today we are displaying an attic children’s room like an attic, and believe me you have never seen such cool boys’ rooms before!

This amazing loft conversion was designed with the adventurous little one in mind. Exposed brick and vaulted ceilings are enough to attract the attention of adult design fans, while climbing ropes and pleasing details will make children beg for room renovations. I would not say that this room has a design that is too childish, it is somewhat like an adult but really fits the needs of the little boy.

A corner near the window faces the city below. Young children can use the inspiration they see to complete extraordinary art on the blackboard on the right. While other parts of the room are open and airy, the corner of the bed feels much more comfortable and private and it is a little darker than the other parts of the room so young residents can sleep on weekends.

Tipi lanes and trains offer endless opportunities for imaginative play, while climbing ropes encourage practice and adventure. Other parts of this room look sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy too. parents may be able to use this table to catch up on work while watching children play.

source: digsdigs

Kids room design with tree house

Most children dream of their own tree house or other small house as their private home. These children’s rooms are centered around the play house with toys, which excite not only children but also adults. This space transforms the central supporting beam into a small tree house that is perfect for young residents to play in. In fact, the whole room seems to be themed around environmental motifs, with potted trees and fake window dressing and even lush carpets made to look like green grass.

The tree house covers three floors, with private rooms and open decks to facilitate all types of fun play time scenarios. Lights hang on all sides and mimic the shape of wild vines or dripping sunlight. Even the storage walls implement creative and strange details. Toys are in front of their own little shop, with space for almost everything that stretches to the ceiling above.

As if the room did not inspire its own creativity, this blackboard wall allowed young residents to draw or write a few stories after a play session. This is not just a display of architectural ingenuity with valuable teddy bears, valuable objects, and lots of cheerful plants surround this young population.

source: digsdigs

Scandinavian style nursery for a little girl

Little Maji’s mother is a fan of Scandinavian design and decoration, so she decided to decorate the nursery like that by adding vintage elements for a sweeter look. The room was arranged to be changed rather often and quickly and developed a passion for decoration.

The room is attic and rather small, so making it really white and white is a good idea not only to cause it to be Scandinavian but also to cause it to visually enlarge the room. The floor is also rather light, made of white painted laminate. Pastels are added to make fine combos, mostly mint but also pink and dusty blue because it is a girl’s room. The attic ceiling is not a problem, the floor is divided into two sections according to the ceiling and one of them becomes a sleep zone, and the second as a play area.

The furniture is simple and traditional: white cots, closets, and wardrobes, all of which can be changed according to the age and needs of the child. On top of the cradle, you will see raindrops but this is not wallpaper, this is a removable sticker that can be changed for others. The toys are also inspired by Scandi, simple and mostly white, and you can see the iconic Miffy lamp, which doubles as a toy. There are many handmade ornaments such as bouquets, pillows or cloth sacks for toys made by the little girl’s mother.

source: digsdigs

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