Chandeliers design for the bathroom

The chandelier in the bathroom is the detail with which you will start repairs or icing on your decorative cake, giving you luxury and personality. Another beautiful chandelier is inspired by Moroccan aesthetic beauty. Blue doors and tiles along with plants give bohemian style to the SPA home a unique aesthetic. Continue reading “Chandeliers design for the bathroom”

Refurbish your bathroom with reversible and clever ideas

Of course, there are simple ways that can be reversed to save yourself from a decorative curse called “bathing in a rented house, with landowners who don’t want change”.

These methods will help you put your own stamp on the site so you can use it and feel it for yourself. The aim is, in spite of all the difficulties, Continue reading “Refurbish your bathroom with reversible and clever ideas”

Original modern bathrooms

If you think that modern bathrooms are boring rooms without good aesthetic potential, be prepared to prove that you are completely wrong. We will see that with bathroom interior decorating ideas you can also get personalized and successful decorations, you just have to keep in shape, color, storage solutions with suitable bathroom furniture, cabinets or original accessories, latest generation taps , decorative motifs, rain showers and bubble baths, Continue reading “Original modern bathrooms”