Modern room colors for your boys

Previous collection was for parents of teenage girls, and today I share some ideas for teenage boys. First, find out what your boys like: colors, patterns, etc., and don’t forget about their hobbies and entertainment. Design a cool, modern room with colors that your boys like, don’t be afraid of bold colors because teens usually like them. If there isn’t enough space for two beds, you can always use a bunk bed. A study zone is a must, if you are confined to space, go for multifunctional furniture or tables that can be hidden on the wall. Create cool teen lounge areas for your boys to invite their friends and have fun. How to do it in style? Scroll down to see all examples.

source: digsdigs

The bed storage spaces for girl rooms

aren’t your daughters again? Then it is time to renovate their rooms to suit the tastes and needs of teenagers. The older your children are, the more privacy they want, so it’s better to arrange a separate bedroom or at least add curtains. You can choose different colors for their area but combine them with one style of decoration. If your space is narrow, use every inch to make it more effective: for example, make a storage space under the bed and choose flexible furniture. Create a learning zone for the two girls, if there isn’t enough space, you can always make a table mounted on the wall. Get more smart ideas and styles below!

source: digsdigs

Classic color scheme with black and white nurseries

Black and white is a classic color scheme that always works for any space and for most styles, it’s very contrasting, which makes it not boring at the same time. Today we will prove it by nursery and show the extraordinary space for children carried out in this color scheme.

Black and white will work for anything: Scandinavian, modern, contemporary, industrial, boho and many others. Choose the proportion that suits your space. Will it become dark with a white mood to refresh? Or will it be a super airy room with only a few black touches for drama? Or will you choose rooms that contrast with black and white in the right proportions? Decide that and start decorating.

source: digsdigs