Spanish furniture design room

A Spanish furniture company named Asara has presented their new catalog recently. It consists of furniture for children’s and teenage rooms and has many cool ideas how to design rooms for your children. Their furniture and design solutions can solve space problems and help create a practical and beautiful learning and living environment for your young child. On the Asdara company website, you can find out more about their products and how to buy them. For those who are looking for cooler kids room design ideas, we have several shared rooms, a beautiful girl’s bedroom and a stylish boy’s room.

source: digsdigs

Beautiful space kids room design

We continue to share advice on arranging children’s rooms, and today I want to discuss the design and decoration of children’s rooms, not for children and for teens. If you have a toddler, you must create a beautiful space for him to make sure your child feels happy and safe when he returns to the room. Whatever style and decoration you choose, your child’s room should have a bedroom, study room, playroom, and neatly arranged cabinets and storage. Let’s look more closely.

Go for maximum comfort and comfort here, make your child’s personal corner where he will feel relaxed. The bed here plays a major role: it must be comfortable and cute and of course it must accentuate the room’s decoration. This can be very creative: house-shaped, truck-shaped or boat-shaped. Add a canopy if it’s a little princess’s room, or your boy’s favorite poster on the wall and cute lights on the bedside table.

source: digsdigs

Decorating a kids room with green theme

Decorating a child’s room is always a pleasure and a challenge: your child needs a comfortable and attractive space that is designed and decorated with functionality, with a cool atmosphere. How to combine all these points in one room with style? Russian designer Elena Sedova knows how and presents this boy’s room project, a perfect example of such space.

Actually, the design itself is gender neutral because the emerald color can be used both for boys and girls. What makes this room childish is a variety of toys and souvenirs placed on a shelf. The room was all white and only the headboards were covered with emerald fabric for bold statements. The bed is upholstered in fabric, and the geometric concrete bedside makes it rougher and more childish. On the other side of the bed there is a small table that serves as a second nightstand, which saves space.

Cool modern chairs, curtains and neutral colored lights to create a balance with an emerald touch. All storage space is hidden behind large glass panels and paintings with houses in shades of green. This is a nice, comfortable and uncluttered place for boys, get inspired!

source: digsdigs