Beautiful furniture by Hulsta

Now! no.12 is a new collection of stylish and beautiful furniture from the big German company, Hülsta. It combines clear contrast: new naturalness meets cold shiny surfaces, traditional oak meets brilliant white. It utilizes “push-to-open” technology everywhere – no buttons and no handles. Nothing bothers you from the simple and minimalist surface appearance. Natural oak provides warmth and comfort while the shiny front adds a cool touch.

There are four styles for different concepts of life, connected by clean and simple lines. The furniture is made for various rooms: living room, bedroom, dining room, and study room. With furniture from this collection, everyone can achieve a very individual, modern and simple style around their home. To get more info about individual furniture from the collection, visit the Hülsta website.

source: digsdigs

Unique chinese furniture collections

The Chinese way of life offers an unlimited source of inspiration. The Chinese furniture tradition reflects a perfect balance between practical and spiritual. Whether interpreting the ancient or designing something new, La Maison Coloniale’s furniture illustrates this Chinese tradition in the collection of “Spirit of China”. It consists of individual designs with extraordinary touches of modernity.

Most of the furniture is made of elm. It is handmade and produced using centuries of skill. There are lots of bamboo ornaments on different furniture sets. There are sets for the dining room and bedroom besides the sofa and furniture for the living room. The red color is often seen around La Maison Coloniale products. To make some of their Chinese furniture collections more unique, La Maison Coloniale painted them with Tangas, a traditional Tibetan pattern. All of this furniture can make a house more spiritual and beautiful.

source: digsdigs

Scandinavian style decorate for your dining room

Many of us choose neutral colors for home decoration because it is rather traditional but some of you might find it boring. We have gathered many dining rooms with these colors to prove that this is not true. For example, choose a Scandinavian style for your dining room and decorate it with calm shades, comfortable fabrics, greenery, and rough wood – very beautiful! What about minimalist style? Sleek surfaces, clean lines, rough wood and stones for decoration – ideal clean and modern space. Looking for something more comfortable? Get a modern style with a medieval modern touch – retro, neutral furniture and cutlery and old-fashioned equipment is the style!

source : digsdigs