Trendy exposed brick walls for kids rooms

Many of us think that trendy exposed brick walls are not for nursery or nursery rooms because they are too loud and rough and cannot match peaceful nursery decorations. However, more and more architects and designers are using this trendy feature in children’s rooms and it looks hot! The beauty of texture and visual contrast is perfect for any decorating style, from shabby to industrial styles, and for a variety of decorating themes, which are very popular in children’s spaces.

If you are worried about health problems, clean the brick and use the right sealant, so the brick will not be a problem. Another cool idea is a brick wallpaper that looks similar but is not at all noisy and environmentally friendly. If your children have a small room, and you think that a brick wall will make it look smaller, you are wrong. The brick wall looks natural and blends perfectly with the various patterns and materials used in decoration.

Think that brick walls are only for boys? No, such walls will look amazing both for girls and boys, and also for gender neutral nurseries. It all depends on the appearance of the wall, the color and the effect you want to produce.

source: digsdigs

Cozy interior design with furniture style of old England

If you are not a big fan of modern interior design and prefer a more traditional and comfortable atmosphere then you will definitely like the elegant collection from Minacciolo, English Mood. This collection is inspired by the style of old English furniture and offers a charming solution for the kitchen, bathroom and living room. All of them look noble, subtle and arouse gentle family sentiments, creating a very warm and lasting atmosphere. Although the non-modern look does not mean the absence of contemporary technology. For example the kitchen is equipped with contemporary equipment and can meet all needs and desires. All furniture is made of high quality wood and only has a non-toxic finish. If you like this traditional wooden furniture and want more information about it, you can find it on the Minacciolo website.

source: digsdigs

Ideas for shelves room with hidden support

Practical and beautiful for formal and luxurious solutions, and if you want to decorate in a more relaxed way. there is a way to add extra dimensions to a minimalist house with neutral colors, he puts a few lines of wooden shelves with hidden support. However, it is a good idea in a minimalist house to place Continue reading “Ideas for shelves room with hidden support”