Family dining room with chalkboard wall

I don’t know if you, friends, agree with me, but I am sure that there is no modern dining room or family zone without blackboard walls. It’s perfect for leaving messages, drawing, writing menus, or listing items to buy. Your children will be eager to write something down, when you cook or present a table. If you are not ready for the entire wall, just hang the blackboard, it can also be a magnetic board to increase functionality. Blackboard furniture is also a cool idea for the dining room, and first of all, it is a blackboard dining table, which is perfect for parties and allows guests to write messages or name the food you serve. Get inspired by more ideas below!

source: digsdigs

Small kitchens ideas in Paris

Anyone who wants to get his wealth in Paris must reconcile with the fact that a large amount of money is needed for a decent apartment and that 20 square for 500 euros is the norm.

The clean lines carried by white benches and large closets along with the corners of the marble island are the first thing you see in this kitchen. But until you notice the extraordinary tiles on the floor, Continue reading “Small kitchens ideas in Paris”