Sea-inspired designs for kids room

We have shared many room designs inspired by the beach, beach and sea, but we have completely forgotten about the children’s room, and today I will improve it. Marine decoration themes are more often chosen for boys ‘rooms, but girls’ rooms can also be decorated in a very cute beach manner or with a touch of Little Mermaid. Use all the blue colors your child or child likes – dark blue, turquoise, light blue, light blue and so on, and add gray, white, red, yellow, orange, and so on. Look at super creative boats and boat shaped kids beds, they are amazing! Make the room more cheerful and stylish with waves, woven breasts for storage, decoration of fish and sea creatures, oars, and even pirate details.

source: digsdigs

Shabby chic style for kids room

When I see a shabby, beautiful nursery, I hope to have a daughter! The shabby chic style is one of the most popular for children’s rooms, to be exact, for girls’ rooms because the cute and chic style is perfect for little princesses. Pink, blush, gray, white, pastel combined with ruffles and floral patterns will be an amazing base for such a room. Then you will need vintage and shabby furniture: canopy beds, cute closets and open shelves, tables, play kitchens, and chairs. Crystal chandeliers, lamps, buntings, signs and floral decorations are just right for what you need, and if possible, find shabby toys to continue the theme.

source: digsdigs

Small boys room with faux chalkboard wallpapers

This room can be decorated in the usual way which disrupts the space, which is not too big but the designers solve the problem in a very creative way, which makes the child excited: they make a tree house bed. In this way they create a separate and private bedroom and all children love the tree house, you know, this is very good for small children!

The table walls are covered with imitation chalkboard wallpapers patterned with cool images inspired by chalk that are perfect for boys’ rooms; You can see the moon wall lamp above it, it continues the theme of space. Tables and chairs are made in gray, and there are small industrial lights to highlight that it’s a men’s room. The wall opposite was covered with artificial white-painted bricks, which again gently hinted at the fact that it was a small man’s place. There is a cool hanging chair attached to the bed of the tree house, perfect for the kid to hang out with.

The storage solution is simple and concise: a white varnish wall unit with thick yellow drawers and bookshelves on the same wall. There are also hanging racks on the table to put books and other items. This room easily proves that even a child’s room can look and feel spacious if it is well organized and decorated with imagination.

source: digsdigs