Chandeliers design for the bathroom

The chandelier in the bathroom is the detail with which you will start repairs or icing on your decorative cake, giving you luxury and personality. Another beautiful chandelier is inspired by Moroccan aesthetic beauty. Blue doors and tiles along with plants give bohemian style to the SPA home a unique aesthetic.

White rooms with good lighting are enhanced even more with classic chandeliers. But if you carefully look at the details the bar style board, the black battery in the sink, the shower will see a beautiful contrast. A modern place like this has a classic example of detail and maximum luxury. Photo frames are another example of “unnecessary” that is important.

Can a perfect classic look be made in modern variations? This bathroom has curtains, open beige walls, beautiful black and white photos, and somewhere stops similar to what you know. Recess for cosmetics and flowers is very good, but oval-shaped elliptical purple lights that make a difference. Tiles combined with modern parquet floors and bathrooms without installation complete the beautiful picture.

Modern sputnik chandeliers turn white and gold bathrooms into very lively spaces. It highlights the bathtub with the lion’s feet and gives an extraordinary style thanks to the right gold battery. A luxurious yet simple room, even without marble tiles.


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