Colorful apartment in Warsaw Balancing modern decor and comfortable living

Bright, spacious and dynamic, colorful apartment in Warsaw, this Poland seems to have it all. Designed by Plasterlina, this elegant city retreat perfectly balances modern decor with a comfortable life. The focal point of the open plan living room seems to be carved carpets with rich tone, making a pleasant atmosphere for the entire space. The gray sofa, walnut furniture unit, and colorful pillows complement this young yet very stylish style. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural lighting to enter, harmoniously harmonizing the overall design.

The office space area is separated from the living room by wooden walls, mimicking the material and texture of kitchen furniture. All functional zones are underlined intelligently, without disturbing the unity of the place. Artificial lighting is provided by a gypsum unit that overlaps with LED lighting strips along the wall. The bedroom is the most conscious part of the house, with a wooden head surrounded by a black wall motif. Compact walnut storage unit hides all unwanted objects. Enjoy the following gallery and tell us what decorates ideas that you find most interesting.

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