Creative built-in storage maximizes the small partition

This apartment, located in a new complex in Taipei, Taiwan, was designed by Archlin Studio for couples and their 3-year-old daughters. The owner’s request is to safeguard most of the existing components, including bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings and floors, and create modern living spaces with hidden maximum storage capacity.

This studio designed a series of high-rise storage / display units along the walls, from the entrance to the open dining and living room. The mirror table is placed on an internal storage console, which visually reflects the weight of the element. “Using natural materials such as veneers, stones and glass, we created an apartment that is perfect for this new family of three,” the designers said. In the open seating / dining area, white polyurethane is used as the base color, while two tons of different wood are used to determine the ribbon.

Traditionally for Taiwanese culture, the kitchen is hidden away from the main living room. “Our challenge is to open the kitchen when not in use so that it can be connected to a shared space as a large open space,” the designers said. They installed sliding glass doors to prevent the entry of culinary scents in the dining room. Photo by Archlin Studio

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