Ideas for shelves room with hidden support

Practical and beautiful for formal and luxurious solutions, and if you want to decorate in a more relaxed way. there is a way to add extra dimensions to a minimalist house with neutral colors, he puts a few lines of wooden shelves with hidden support. However, it is a good idea in a minimalist house to place straight shelves without some trendy “train” compounds and remain the purest style. Overall, this is a symmetrical and beautiful way to provide a decoration that allows a minimalist style.

One wall shelf with hidden support is enough. Either use it as a kitchen rack without a top cabinet, or use it as a Media Center with a TV on the arm. In our case here, the only shelf in the living room functions as a horizontal library! In the same logic in the living room, you can do everything by maintaining a minimalist style of modern, rural, medieval or Scandinavian, depending on the material and color of the invisible wall shelf that you will use.

The best way to place a shelf with a hidden buffer is to choose a shelf with the color of the wall. Even though you may want contrast or natural wood color that matches almost anything, but especially if the shelf is close to your eyes, you will create the illusion that objects on the shelf hang.

As mentioned above, hidden wall shelves can be placed in almost every style of decoration (except maybe the shabby chic or bohemian you want to decorate the bracket and maybe a metal patina). So you can create something fancy or elegant or something more relaxed than the one pictured in the room. In our case diligently relaxed, because there is nothing left to chance.


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