Ideas of French windows – beautiful, fashionable and luxurious

A spacious room filled with sunlight is the dream of every home or apartment owner. French windows or, as also called, panoramic windows, will fully provide a large amount of light in the room and will help expand space visually. They bring one more name – “window door”, which fully reveals their purpose.

French windows can open onto a balcony or loggia, terrace, terrace in a private house, or winter garden. In apartment buildings, it is recommended that a panoramic structure be installed only if the display pulls open from the window. Windows from the ceiling to the floor will function as a kind of frame for a beautiful display.

The French window, which has gained wide popularity in recent years, is a large window structure that occupies floor-to-ceiling space. This can be two large frames or parts, stretching along the wall. The main feature of the panoramic window design is the absence of a vertical threshold between window belts, which provides free access through such a system.


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