Living room designed to be perfect

It’s time to determine the style of the interior, ceiling color paper, locasy furniture and curtains. We will do this now. Can you make this stylish living room memorable in the usual Khrushevka? Today, this belong “Yes!” We will answer. This will help us with the solution of modern technology, materials, non-standard ideas.

This design style is reminiscent of the 60s. My daughter’s carpet, a lantern, this head carpet, flowers, with a plain white background – a gem to the gem hippie. Color this natural interior. Simple furniture, modular spider, wall dating, gives black and white paintings selected in small pieces.

Minimalist interior style plays well in the Khrushchev Room. Small dresses, desk shelves this takes a little television place, that’s what we need. At the same time, there is no feeling of a cliff, there are only many rooms like the living room. The wardrobe was soft and shiny, the ceiling walls were combined, and the entire room was shaped like varnish.

In the first version, we will see examples of white and gray contrasts with pale green. The absence of the curtain extends throughout the room. If you use people, someone seems “naked” to cover the daughter’s white tube or white, and big cities, glasses or white plays can be accepted. In the picture, interior flowers are confused with the decoration of the living room, they are better seen than artificial decorations. It is suitable for lighting the living room: the light is directed to the wall of this visual dry enhancing the room. The most charming interior is a chandelier. Separate, remove prominent from the general style, negras tapas, the garden will be very easy.

In the third photo we will look at examples of high-tech living room designs. And this is a very dancing search in this space. Sin, in fact, there are a few unnecessary details. In the cheeks, the technology is used to bring a sofa to your baby’s lips, toothpicks and hairstyles, to your baby’s hair.

Picture style from glass pictures in retro style. Layered furniture, tables, old wardrobe creates a cosmos that cannot be missed in a large room. White contrast white sofa that draws this red chair. There are some modern who are poplar people from Privadi House Owners. With a fire fireplace cast with a gas fireplace, it allows you to enjoy real flames and crackling wood. Can it be better than winter nights?

Fireplace list by is a device that looks like a heater that simulates the appearance of fire. In fact, no visa was burned. The fireplace has been decorated by the buyer of this Roman decor. In most cases, the living room is in the room.


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