Most sleek kitchen colors for your home

Blue-green shades, after the triumph of cobalt blue, get ready to conquer your kitchen, without saying that black, salmon, gray or other colors might not end up in your kitchen. Of course the fact that the main concern of this article is color, does not mean that you will not see many interesting proposals for presentations and decorations, every time with a two-color box in the closet.

Green, here with some gray and blue colors, is expected to star in blue in forming the kitchen palette. Depending on the mixture you choose, you can find something that is more stylish, cooler or warmer, like green with changes, it has a completely different feeling. Even though it’s called rosemary or green wise, it’s a lighter color than this color. Basically, the color is gray, with a little white and green and is one of the most popular colors on Pinterest at the time. It’s comfortable superior in space and white gives more elegance.

Green mint is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors of the decade, but here it is moved from pastel colors and goes to the greyest-band blocking. In this particular kitchen it is used as an alternative to white to highlight marble and sinks. black has seen glory days and this has resulted in the release of dozens of attractive colors. Of course black requires good natural or artificial lighting, but you can always use materials that even in black shades reflect light. In general, prefer glossy finishing at least on the bench and if you want a black sink battery, choose the mat for elegance and extra style. Pink cuisine also has this challenge, but in cases like color that are very close to salmon, you can easily give a modern face to your place with a very stylish and feminine face.

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