Natural materials create warm decorate in Kiev

Real apartment with SVOYA Studio is a private modern home located in Kiev, Ukraine. The designers aim to develop a peaceful haven for the population as opposed to the busy rhythm of a busy metropolis. According to designers, clients want to change a three-bedroom apartment into a house with two interiors: a spacious room that combines a kitchen with a living / dining room and a large bedroom with a large storage area, a closed shower.

The last room emits a raw but intimate taste, the result of the use of natural ingredients throughout. The living room uses wooden tiles from the Carpathian Mountains, while ceramic tiles by local pottery enrich the design of the central corridor. This apartment is decorated with elements designed by the SVOYA studio, including Vpotolok lamps, Izdereva bases, tripods with decorative nails and paintings by Anton Sokolov. Hammocks in the social area and elegant candle support with pendant lighting at the top add warmth and warmth.


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