Bench Tiles Models for Modern Kitchens

The tiled model located between the table and the kitchen cabinet is named after the tile model. There are many features that distinguish this fascia model, which can be selected according to the colors, designs, sizes, woven styles of the cabinets. In addition to patterns, colors and designs, there are differences like durability, long life, water resistance and easy to clean. Continue reading “Bench Tiles Models for Modern Kitchens”

Pebble Stone Painted with Colorful Wall Painting

The price of the dye varies according to the nature of the paint rather than their color. Each paint brand has its own price and color tone. That is, the pebble wall paint from the brand paint and the paint of the wall paint from the brand b will not be identical to each other. In this direction, the price is the same. Marshall prices of gravel-wall paintings ranging from 50 Turkish liras and can range up to 200-300 Turkish liras according to their size and quantity. Continue reading “Pebble Stone Painted with Colorful Wall Painting”