Perfectly designed one room apartment with inspired details

Located on the third floor of a beautiful central building in Gothenburg, this beautiful one-bedroom apartment is carefully designed for a maximum life experience. When we looked at Alvhem’s list, our attention was fascinated by the bright color scheme and the open design of this very functional little house. The floors of white oak parquet, mirror doors, stylish plastering, cast iron and wood chips contribute to different and charming designs.

This apartment can only have one room, but the bedroom with headlights and space for a larger bed offers a lot of privacy. Baby beds were completely refurbished in 2008, when the kitchen and bathroom were replaced. The walls are removed to create a better impression of the area and a beautifully constructed brick kitchen island adds warmth and warmth. The living room has large windows and quiet views of Alvhem Street and Rose Street flavors. The walls are painted in white gray which provides a neutral base for further decoration. In the corner, behind a beautiful door profile, there is a wardrobe with lots of storage space.


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