Scandinavian decorating in apartment of 80 square

The first step of the apartment is to paint it white and start decorating in accordance with the principles of Scandinavian Decoration. This includes a lot of self-construction that we hope will be together with the whole house to inspire you and us. Why Scandinavia The best decoration of it.

Under certain conditions and with only a few changes it can be a minimalist decoration space. It’s very neat and there’s no smallest object without utility value. But the results justify the amateur decorator pair in our history.

Even though the house was bought, Isabella and Oskar planned to make a kitchen change from the start. Beige is painted black and white, all cabinets, surfaces and batteries are replaced. The results, as you can see, justify them.

The master bedroom has more decoration than the rest of the house along with a large amount of wood, sometimes painted white or dirty in a “dirty” style. Art is no less in the room, with paintings and posters like Cambell’s Soup of Warhall.


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