Scandinavian style nursery for a little girl

Little Maji’s mother is a fan of Scandinavian design and decoration, so she decided to decorate the nursery like that by adding vintage elements for a sweeter look. The room was arranged to be changed rather often and quickly and developed a passion for decoration.

The room is attic and rather small, so making it really white and white is a good idea not only to cause it to be Scandinavian but also to cause it to visually enlarge the room. The floor is also rather light, made of white painted laminate. Pastels are added to make fine combos, mostly mint but also pink and dusty blue because it is a girl’s room. The attic ceiling is not a problem, the floor is divided into two sections according to the ceiling and one of them becomes a sleep zone, and the second as a play area.

The furniture is simple and traditional: white cots, closets, and wardrobes, all of which can be changed according to the age and needs of the child. On top of the cradle, you will see raindrops but this is not wallpaper, this is a removable sticker that can be changed for others. The toys are also inspired by Scandi, simple and mostly white, and you can see the iconic Miffy lamp, which doubles as a toy. There are many handmade ornaments such as bouquets, pillows or cloth sacks for toys made by the little girl’s mother.

source: digsdigs

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