Small drawn design Scandinavian apartment in Gothenburg

Located in downtown Gothenburg, in a small, colorful and crowded Scandinavian apartment is a place that deserves to be called a home. Found by Freshome in Alvhem, the refreshing cradle has a total area of ​​36 square meters and accommodates 1.5 rooms plus a kitchen. Its smart layout meets the expectations of modern city life, as you can see in the picture below. The living room is very bright and airy because of the large window in the north, which allows residents to study the beautiful roofs of Sweden. Wooden beams exposed on a white background set the tone for an elegant black and white palette that is unwittingly throughout the apartment.

The kitchen is tasteful and timeless with beautiful oak doors and stainless steel mechanical equipment. Everything is beautifully lit from under the lights, for a comfortable cooking atmosphere. Kitchen design and open plan offers good work space and social interaction with the living room. One of the highlights of this apartment is the charming sun loungers with friendly windows nearby. This makes a good place to sleep and observe the environment. We really appreciate the ingenuity of the design manifested by this small Scandinavian house.

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