Small kitchens ideas in Paris

Anyone who wants to get his wealth in Paris must reconcile with the fact that a large amount of money is needed for a decent apartment and that 20 square for 500 euros is the norm.

The clean lines carried by white benches and large closets along with the corners of the marble island are the first thing you see in this kitchen. But until you notice the extraordinary tiles on the floor, look at the lights and how bright the room is. A quiet backsplash (tile behind the sink) is the only element that gives color to a space a few years away from being categorized as monotonous.

When you have a troublesome architectural element, such as this tendency and you decide to emphasize it, then yes, you are French! In France, similar structural behavior respects them with the above, such as here with cross beams. Minimalist and rustic dining rooms and industrial lighting fixtures are placed in a space made entirely of white, black and wood. This is the most successful exploitation of the annoying architectural elements we saw last.

Sometimes you wonder how one can fulfill so many luxuries in such a small space (12 square meters apartment!). Then you remember that the decoration and taste in it is something that young French people learn from children and you get a better idea of ​​some things. Under the stairs that lead to the bedroom are kitchens with marble, wallpaper, and tiled rooms, and this place is rich in blue gray in pretty drawers and cabinets.


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