Stone fireplaces for luxury and warmth

Stone fireplaces can be found with the same comfort from the countryside to the city because they can stand with small variations in all types of decorations. At the same time, you will find many ideas to play with the colors of the stones that create, beautiful and great contrasts. Natural stone provides an opportunity for a more vibrant view of our space, regardless of decoration, and for approaches that are close to Nature. Create a friendly space that invites you to come in and out to see the most beautiful spectacle that nature can give: Fire! 9 Stone fireplaces for the luxury and warmth that follow all are carefully designed to the last detail.

Black beams create the impression of spiders or other vertebrate insects and are fantastic. They create a good contrast with the white, cream and wood pallets that have been used. The same thing happened in the fireplace, where intermediate stones were lifted and darker. This produces a fireplace that is highlighted in a very beautiful way. Where did you get it? From the demarcation of the living room with cream carpets and dark furniture? From the modern perception of warmth? Of stones of various shapes and sizes? This is the logic of modern traditional decor, where the cliché embraces modern with a large dose of art.

In the elegant decorating space, the fireplace shelves and complex houses are unique pieces, while the door frames and shelves introduce beautiful dark tones in bright spaces. The stones used are narrow and have been placed with great mastery, framing the energy fireplace. The moat is there to dry out after rain. The wooden frame of the window with natural colors puts you in the game from scratch, while the fireplace is covered with stones. This provides an opportunity to place any material that is considered better thermal (refractory brick or which everyone thinks is better) and stone has a purely decorative role.

Geometric feelings are scattered in this living room, starting with fireplace stone tiles with incredible colors. Together with the coffee table, they give black in the open shade creating a good contrast. The color of the chalk is 30, on the 60-30-10 pallet that has been used. Fireplaces from floor to ceiling are amazing and even more contrary to the library and white shelves. Similar colored fireplaces with reddish and green ones that create naturalness in construction, something that is also intelligent. Abstract artboards only provide extra rest in contrast to beautiful spaces. Chairs and carpets are also beautiful in similar earthy colors.


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