Living room designed to be perfect

It’s time to determine the style of the interior, ceiling color paper, locasy furniture and curtains. We will do this now. Can you make this stylish living room memorable in the usual Khrushevka? Today, this belong “Yes!” We will answer. This will help us with the solution of modern technology, materials, non-standard ideas. Continue reading “Living room designed to be perfect”

The living room with fresh Ideas

There is not always a separate living room to arrange the room. But when they are specifically connected to the studio apartment, then the interior of one room in Khrushchev is the required size. We recommend that you know about XNUMX mode (traditional and innovative) 15 ways to organize your room and living room. Continue reading “The living room with fresh Ideas”

Most beautiful lighting in the living room with perfect touch

Definition of short and dry lights: ceiling lights with roofs that are designed to create a shaded light source (unlike point sources). When you choose to start, you can damage various types, shapes, colors and materials. Let’s look at the type of luminaire that is preferred in certain cases. Continue reading “Most beautiful lighting in the living room with perfect touch”