The wall painting Wall Enriches Apartment Design in central Warsaw

Top featuring elegant interior designs envisioned by Mood Works, Shades of White is a modern home located in Warsaw, Poland. According to the architect, “one of the main goals of this project is to preserve the original layout of the building. With minimal modifications to the partition wall settings, it is possible to give new expression and dynamism to space and to create light, feeling in the interior.” has a total area of ​​140 square meters (1,507 square feet) and includes special angles for artistic expression.

The layout is described by designers as simple and open “with separate daily zones including a living room connected to the dining room and functional kitchen with a sliding door system that can hide all equipment when not in use. Also a private area where you can find bedrooms that comfortable, private bathroom, wardrobe and washing machine. These two living zones are separated by a fence wall with Tymek Jezierski, Polish graphic designer. Eoteristiko character of a housing company. Photo by Rafal Lipski


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